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Tile Cream

Tile Cream

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Tile Cream is a water-based cream that has an ultra-fine abrasive surface effect that will restore flaws on surfaces or on the glaze on materials, such as slight scuffs, small scratches, matte areas and discoloring, or to remove surface treatments and finishes without adversely affecting the original look of the material. Tile Cream also provides a good surface seal that will increase resistance to dirt and foot traffic in case of easily soiled surfaces.

If used on polished quartz or full body polished porcelain stoneware, Tile Cream can even out the appearance of the material if it is worn through foot traffic, and it is also able to restore scratches and scuffs. It can also be used to prepare surfaces for a wider polishing intervention with more specific polishes, since it can replace a light mechanical polishing intervention.

If used on porcelain ceramic surfaces, even if lapped, Tile Cream can restore the original appearance of the material when this, due to wear and foot traffic, has lost part of its shine and become scratched. In this case, Tile Cream also helps to restore the original color of surfaces and also boost shine.

When used on ceramic flooring or on porcelain or textured stoneware, Tile Cream can boost the shine and dirt-resistant performance of the material. Tile Cream can also be used with success to soften the excessively rough surfaces of textured material, meaning that the amount of dirt trapped on the flooring is reduced.