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Adsil® Certification

Adsil® Certification

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Required course and evaluation for Adsil® Certification.

Pure Stone Care is now offering training to become a certified Adsil® applicator. This hard surface coating provides a phenomenal, sustainable, stunning finish that protects tile & grout, stone, concrete, and more from corrosion, wear, mold, etc. This allows your surfaces to last longer, stay cleaner, and cost less to maintain.

$2,325 course cost covers up to two individuals ($625 for each additional attendee) and also includes: 

  • The Adsil® Start Kit
    • One case of MG1-1500
    • One case of Microkleen
    • One case of Stripper
  • All supplies need for hands on training will be available for use during class. (tools, treatment, etc)
  • A full 2 days of training and evaluation that is very hands-on. 
  • $250 shipping cost is included in the price


Expect a nearly 100% hands-on course. We will go over Adsil® and a complete break down of all you need to know about the product and its application. 


Process Summary List: 

How to prepare and coat the following surfaces: porcelain, tile, ceramic tile, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, textured granite, masonry surfaces, brick, and various metal surfaces.

How to remove the coating, blend multiple areas, duplicate layers/applications, matte finishes, gloss finishes, and anti skid finishes.

Learning multiple application techniques and repairing any areas.