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Advanced Floor Training

Advanced Floor Training

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Advanced Floor Restoration Training

If you’ve already completed our Introduction to Stone Restoration training or have a basic knowledge of stone polishing and tools, our Pro-level training sessions can help you become the go-to expert in your area. 

We’ll make sure you get the best experience possible. Each day begins at 8:30am and we work until someone begs to stop. There will be lunch provided for everyone each day, so don’t worry about packing anything!

To ensure that everyone gets the individual attention they need, we will be limiting enrollment to 12 students per class. This exclusive one-of-a-kind experience gives you an opportunity to work hands-on with experienced instructors and equipment while learning at your own pace in a comfortable environment.


Topics we will be covering: 

  • Proper use of varying diamond types
  • Stone grinding
  • Filling travertine pans with resin
  • Filling joins with resin
  • Sanded Grout and You
  • professional level detail edging
  • Comparing compounds
  • Comparing debonded tiles and ID Hollow
  • How to inject with hollow tiles
  • Permanently repairing cracked, spalled, or deeply eroded stone with “Dutchman Repairs”
  • Repairing corners
  • Comparing acrylic and epoxy
  • Joint creation highlight: butt joints 
  • Comparing mono rotary and planetary
  • Texturing
  • Problems with splattering
  • Proper masking techniques
  • Refinishing multiple types of stone together
  • Replacing tile
  • Membrane installation
  • Identifying bad install characteristics
  • Looking at Regrouting
  • Managing and directing water
  • Lighting manipulation
  • Dealing with and around inlays


Class will be held at 1444 Pioneer Way #10, El Cajon CA 92020

It’s time for something new—enroll today!