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Stone Granules - Mini Aggregate For Repairs

Stone Granules - Mini Aggregate For Repairs

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Stone Granules - Mini Aggregate For Repairs

No need to crush or hammer your own stone anymore! Bonstone Granules are a screened, consistently sized aggregate of crushed granite pieces for making aesthetic stone repairs. Some of the colors come from a single style stone, while others are a mixed combination for creating variation to the patch surface. Can be used with any of the Bonstone urethanes or epoxies.


  • Add granules to create desired body and texture of repair
  • Designed to be used with Last Patch Dymond and Last Patch Gel

8 oz jars available in 7 colors:

  • Starlight Black
  • Imperial Gray
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Wineberry
  • Sunset Pink
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Polar White Marble

Mix Instructions for Stone Granules:

1 part Last Patch Dymond A, 1 part Universal B and 1 part Stone Granules by volume

  • For faster set times use a few drops of Last Patch Accelerator in your mix
  • For more translucent patches use less stone granules in the mix
  • For more color options combine various stone colors together or add Bonstone Powder or Touchstone Liquid Tints