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Shimmer Brightener and Sealer

Shimmer Brightener and Sealer

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Shimmer is a concentrated rinse formula to be used after the polishing stage, or after cleaning a polished floor. Shimmer is also a hydrophobic sealer and an optical brightener. After using Shimmer, the floor will be streak free, sealed against water-born stains and noticeably brighter.


  • Mix 1oz. per gallon in the water tank of your machine.
  • Scrub with a clean white pad, or soft bristle brush to rinse residue from surface.
  • Let Shimmer stand for 30-60 seconds, then vacuum thoroughly with a wet vac, or squeegee wand with a truck mount.

For counters and vertical surfaces:

  • Mix Shimmer 1oz. per gallon of clean water and wash surface with a sponge.
  • Squeegee remaining water and buff dry with a soft towel.