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No-Spin Backer Pad

No-Spin Backer Pad

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No-Spin Edger - Eliminate vertical surface damage!

The patented NO-Spin Edger is an inexpensive solution for eliminating vertical surface damage during polishing and refinishing. This highly durable, rigid aluminum backer replaces traditional backer pads, and features a free-floating top disk with a built-in bumper that stops spinning while the polishing pad continues to work beneath it. This innovative system acts as a protective roller-guide against perpendicular surfaces, and eliminates costly damage caused by the edge of spinning pads. The No-Spin Edger allows fast, precise, and consistent cut patterns along edges and in corners, while greatly reducing time, labor, and worker fatigue.


  • Rigid refinishing backer with built-in vertical surface protection
  • Achieve fast and precise cut patterns against edge
  • Easy way to eliminate vertical surface damage
  • Faster and easier than traditional backer pads
  • Reduces time, labor, and fatigue

Available in 4", 5", and 7" size. (5/8-11" standard thread)

M14 adapter needed if using a M14 tool. 

Use a Dust Shroud Polisher Adapter to help minimize dust exposure by connecting a dust shroud to your hand polisher. Also available, the Low Profile Bumper to protect faucet fixtures and other lower-profile vertical surfaces from the edge of spinning pads during polishing or refinishing.