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No Mac Stain Remover Gel

No Mac Stain Remover Gel

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No Mac Stain Remover Gel

No Mac Stain Remover Gel is a water based stain remover to be used for the extraction and removal of colored stains from all types of surfaces. Thanks to its innovative formulation, No Mac Gel allows you to intervene effectively and permanently on stains such as coffee, wine, markers, inks and many other everyday stains.

No Mac Gel can be applied to all surfaces, even the most delicate ones such as glossy marble and acid-sensitive materials without causing surface aggression or opacification. The special gel formulation that characterizes No Mac Gel increases the extractive action of the stain remover on the stain, ensuring greater effectiveness in terms of stain removal. Furthermore, its use is easy and effective, even on vertical surfaces.

No Mac Gel acts alone without further processing until the complete extraction of the stain. It can be applied quickly and easily and will not alter the original appearance of the substrate.

Available in 1 liter size.