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MB ZERO+ Marble Polishing Powder

MB ZERO+ Marble Polishing Powder

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MB ZERO+ Marble Polishing Powder was designed to amaze you with outstanding results! It is easy to use, less aggressive than most polishing powders, and produces superior clarity and shine, thus allowing you to polish to a high gloss. Zero+ is a specially formulated, extremely unique powder for all calcite-based stones that creates a tremendously high shine with Zero oxalic acid. The Zero+ is milled to a very fine talc consistency yet is more effective than traditional powders on sensitive or hard to polish stones such as white, black, brown marbles and serpentines.

Coverage: Depending on the type of stone, expect coverage of approximately 125 - 200 sq ft per pound.

The following directions are an average recommendation. Different stones may require different quantities of product along with various techniques.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Always make sure proper masking of the work area is utilized to protect surfaces from messy splatters of product. Wear safety glasses and gloves. 1) Make sure the surface is free of any coatings, waxes, sealers, grease and/or soil. 2) If the surface requires honing, use quality diamonds and hone surface correctly predicated upon the clarity of the stone being worked on. 3) Use approximately 1 teaspoon per 2-3 sq ft for counters or 2 ozs per 10 - 12 sq ft for floors of the powder. Add enough water to create a wet paste, but thick enough not to make a splattering mess. 4) Start by placing the product in the center of your target. COUNTER: Add the water now. Place your machine and hog’s hair or white pad directly on top of it. Starting slowly, spread the product out over the area. The use of pressure will vary depending on the stone but generally you can apply an even light pressure. Run the machine on a slow setting for about a minute per sq ft FLOOR: Drop about 5 seconds of water. Run machine over the area for approximately 3-4 minutes per 10 to 12 sq ft. 5) Check the results and repeat if needed. If you want more luster, run for another minute. On counters, you can also run the powder wet to dry. When you are satisfied, move on to the next area. TIP: Working with this polish, you will find you are able to get a good result close to edges, sinks, faucets, tub surrounds and tight spaces. A white pad cut ½ inch over the diameter of the pad driver protects the fixture or surface you are polishing against.

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