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MB Stone Care MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

MB Stone Care MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

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MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to tackle the most demanding cleaning jobs on tile, grout and all natural stones. 

A highly concentrated product designed to clean the toughest soils from tiles, grout and all natural stones. This powerful cleaning agent, formulated with the latest cutting edge technology, will clean deep into your grout and any other treated surface effectively and easily.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For cleaning tiles, grout and natural stone, mix MB-2 in the following proportions with HOT water:

  • Light soiling: 3 fl ounces to 1 gallon of water
  • Medium soiling: 6 fl ounces to 1 gallon of water
  • Heavy soiling: 8 fl ounces to 1 gallon of water Stronger solutions can be used for extreme soiling conditions.

For routine cleaning use MB-1 for floors and MB-5 for other surfaces.

ALWAYS TEST PRODUCT IN AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA Remove all loose debris from surface to be cleaned. Strip floor from wax or any topical sealers.

Apply the solution liberally with a mop or a sprayer and allow product to dwell. For small areas use a cotton rag or sponge. Level of soiling will determine dwell time. Light soiling may require a very limited dwelling time, a few minutes. The longer the product is allowed to dwell, the easier the cleaning procedure will be. DO NOT let the product dry on the surface being cleaned. Agitate solution with hand-brush or floor machine. Remove solution with mop or, for best results, with a wet & dry vacuum cleaner.

For small areas use a dry cotton rag or sponge.MB-2 is NOT a rinse-free product. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of clear water.

Once the floor is dry, buff to a uniform clean using a white nylon pad. To help prevent deep soiling and staining in the future, apply MB-24 Barrier sealer.


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