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MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes

MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes

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MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes are moistened with a powerful formula designed to clean, polish and protect stainless steel surfaces. They will remove hard water stains, smudges, fingerprints, food spills, and residue from virtually any stainless steel surface or appliance. As they clean, they will also brighten, polish, and protect the surface with a clear coating that acts as a protective shield. MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes also work on other types of metals including brass, silver, chrome, and copper.

Directions for dispensing: Remove lid by lifting upward. Remove foil seal. Pull towel from center of the roll and thread through "X" on the underside of the lid. Close lid. Pull towel at 90 degree angle. Snap hinged cap back into place to ensure towels stay moist.

Directions for use: Using gloves, scrub surface with abrasive side of towel until stains and deposits disappear. Use the smooth side to wipe the surface clean. Discard used towel. Buff off all residue with a soft, dry towel after application.