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MB-15 Stone Glow

MB-15 Stone Glow

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MB-15 Stone Glow hard surface cleaner is a pH neutral, ready to use cleaner for all hard surfaces, including ceramic, porcelain, wood, glass and all natural stones - regardless of honed or polished finish. MB-15 Stone Glow is a superior neutral cleaner as it can be used by homeowners and professionals alike. It is safe to use as a daily cleaner. MB-15 Stone Glow is quick drying, streak free and contains optical brighteners to enhance the finish of the surface.

Directions for use (Stone Glow Hard Surface Cleaner is Ready to Use): Spray 6 to 8 inches from soiled surface, wipe with a clean absorbent cloth, micro fiber or damp sponge. Surfaces that come in contact with food require a potable water rinse; otherwise rinsing is not usually necessary.

Now available in Ready to Use Quart or Gallon size.