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MB-12 Caliber Polishing Powder

MB-12 Caliber Polishing Powder

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MB-12 Caliber Polishing Powder 

An amazing polishing compound designed to be used wet to dry in the polishing process. This product produces a very high gloss (often higher than from the factory). MB-12 works great on Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Serpentine (Green Marble), Onyx, Ophicalcite, Terrazzo and more. Also works great as a cleaning agent and for removing coatings or sealers from granite surfaces!!

Available in the following sizes: 1 lb, 2 lb, 8 lb and 25 lbs. All powders are packed by weight and not by volume.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: (The following are guideline directions. Different stones may require different techniques.) 

Prepare your surface for polishing by completing the honing process, to the highest clarity possible for best results. 

Mask/Protect surfaces that could potentially be damaged by splatters with proper masking material.

COUNTERTOPS: Target an area of approximately 2 - 3 sq. ft. Sprinkle ¼ teaspoon of MB-12 on the surface to be polished in a circular pattern, slightly smaller than the polishing pad to be used. Using a spray bottle, add enough water to the powder to soak the powder. Use a white polishing pad with a right-angle grinder/polisher (variable speed is a MUST). Set the speed to low. Place pad on top of powder mixture. While controlling the speed with the trigger and applying as much pressure as the machine can take, start spreading the slurry over the targeted area, keeping a very low RPM, until it’s almost dry. Pull the trigger all the way while gradually lightening the pressure and buff to a shine while moving the machine swiftly over the targeted area. Remove any streaking with a clean dry white pad and a mist of water.

FLOORS: Target an area of approximately 10 – 12 sq. ft. and sprinkle 1 tablespoon of MB-12 in the center of area in a circular pattern slightly smaller than the diameter of the floor machine. Using a spray bottle, add enough water to the powder to soak the powder. Using a hog’s hair pad and a floor machine with at least 1.5 hp and not exceeding 175 RPM, swiftly swing the machine side to side over target area to evenly spread the product slurry. Then polish slowly with a spiral motion, moving from one end of the targeted area to the other and back until the slurry is dry and the stone surface becomes shiny. The first area will probably need to be done a couple of times for proper pad build-up. We suggest not exceeding approx. 100 sq. ft. with one side of the pad. After that, flip the pad over and go another 100 sq. ft. or so (hogs hair pads can be hosed off a couple of times and reused, before disposal.) Remove any streaking with a clean dry hogs hair pad and a mist of water.

NOTICE: The directions above are average. Different stones may require more or less powder and/or water; a faster or slower pace, according with their inner physical and chemical characteristics. This product can be considered as universal as they come, but it’s no substitute for professionalism.

COVERAGE: Depending on the type of stone, expect coverage of approximately 500 to 1,000 sq. ft. per pound.

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