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Magic Renova Manual Kit

Magic Renova Manual Kit

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The Magic Renova Manual Kit is ideal for polishing those hard to reach places and small areas without using any tools. No experience necessary. This kit is not only easy to use, but is eco-friendly too! All you need is water! Step-by-step, color coded instructions help you to achieve a glossy mirror-like, anti-slip shine even when wet. Great for polishing and restoring marble, travertine, limestone, and terrazzo (not for use on granite surfaces). Works best on lighter stones.

Each different color pad indicates a specification of each step of the process to getting the results you desire. Use clean water with each step. Repeat the process in areas where needed.

  • Red is for resurfacing. It removes surface stains and scratches, including acid stains.
  • Orange is for preparation. It refines the surface for intense shine.
  • Yellow is for polish. Using the yellow pad will achieve a matte or satin gloss.
  • Blue is for intensify. It intensifies the surface brightness.
  • Green is for super glossy. You use the green pad to generate a super glossy finish, the last step in the process.


Coverage: 10 - 13 sq ft depending on type of surface and condition

Magic Renova Manual Kit includes:

  • (1) of each color sandpaper - red, orange, yellow, blue
  • (1) Bonastre green pad
  • (1) Sandpaper and pad holder
  • (1) Set of Step-by-Step Instructions