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Introducing K-Pads, a long-life durable resin pad for Marble, Travertine and Limestone (MTL) surfaces. Recommended for flat surfaces, but can also be used on floors with proper risers, these K-Pads will give a factory finished polish nearly every time, without the need for a polishing compound (on flat surfaces).

  • Available in 4" pads or 17" rings.
  • Grits: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000

NOTE: When used on tile floors with lippage, expect some accelerated wear.

Recommended uses:

  • Use the 4 inch pads with 4 inch risers for tile floors with lippage
  • Use the 17 inch rings or 4 inch pads on flat floors without lippage (flat marble, terrazzo, etc)
  • 125-150 lbs ideal machine weight
  • Hyper Grinder UFO Countertop Machine
  • General Mini Top Machine - Use 4 pads for smoothness. Use weighted 13" plate if possible.
  • Single disc countertop machine (Makita, etc) with plenty of water on medium speed (800-1200 RPM) and moderate pressure