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Jaguar Flex Resin Pad

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Used For Surface(s) : Engineered, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Terrazzo | Application Type(s) : Hone, Polish | Weight : 0.8 lb



Jaguar Flex Resin Pads are designed for marble floor edges and marble counter tops. Also work great on Terrazzo and Engineered stone. These quality pads will last a long time. 

Recommended pads for the UFO Counter Top Machines and KPS Top Polishing System

30 Grit - Dark Green

60 Grit - Green Back

120 Grit - Black Back

220 Grit - Red Back

400 Grit - Yellow Back

800 Grit - White Back

1800 Grit - Blue Back

3500 Grit - Grey Back