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Inferno™ Resin Pads

Inferno™ Resin Pads

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Introducing INFERNO  resin pads for countertops. The world's best quality surface polishing pads for Marble, Travertine and Limestone. So good that many stones will not even need to be polished with a powder or compound afterwards. Examples such as Crema Marfil, Diano Reale, Jerusalem Gold, Emperador Dark, Emperador Light, Serpentine and many other will be left with a swirl-free, and resin-free finish. In instances where the Inferno resins do not leave a complete polish, the final compound polishing step will be significantly reduced in time and effort required to bring the surface to a full polish.


  • 4 Inch 
  • 5 Inch


  • Extra Thick 6mm Resin
  • Rigid for a Flat Surface
  • Will Not Warp or Curl When Stored
  • Swirl-Free Finish on Most Stones

Notes: Use a putty knife or flat tool to separate Hook and Loop pads from backers as to not crack or break the softer resin. Dress the white resin (800, 1800, 6000 grits) pads periodically by running 120 grit sandpaper over the surface while they are spinning on a polisher. The white resin is extremely soft and can absorb material from darker stones, preventing them from performing 100%. Dressing them to clean the surface will restore performance to 100%.