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Home Care Bundle

Home Care Bundle

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Home Care Bundle includes:

(1) Quart of Stone+ Countertop Cleaner

(1) Gallon of Stone+ Floor Cleaner

(1) Quart of MB-9 Mold & Mildew Remover

(1) Quart of MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner 

(1) Quart of MB-3 Soap & Mineral

(1) Quart of GT-1 Green Thing

(1) Pure Light Cleaning Carpet Spotter 

(4) Microfiber Cloths 

Stone+ Countertop Cleaner uses a pH neutral combination of special chemicals that quickly and easily cleans marble, granite, ceramic, corian, porcelain, glass, including mirrors and most other hard surfaces. It also works great on bath and kitchen fixtures. Safe to use daily. Not designed to clean heavily soiled areas or remove soap build up.

Stone+ Floor Cleaner is a superior neutral cleaner as it can be used by homeowners and professionals alike. It is safe to use as a daily cleaner. Stone+ Floor Cleaner is quick drying, streak free and contains optical brighteners to enhance the finish of the surface.

MB-9 Mold & Mildew Remover eliminates mildew stains and odor from natural stone including most polished marbles without damaging surfaces. It cleans mildew stains on contact without scrubbing. Just spray and watch mildew stains disappear within a few minutes! Be sure to rinse thoroughly after each application.

MB-9 Mold & Mildew Remover now comes in a thicker gel-like solution that makes it even easier to clean mold and mildew from all natural stone surfaces. The solution is the same formulation of the original MB-9 Mold & Mildew Remover our customers have come to know and trust. The gel-like formula allows for excellent surface contact by clinging to and penetrating the stains on contact, and makes it easier to clean vertical stone, tile, and grout surfaces.

MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner is a highly concentrated product designed to clean the toughest soils from stone, tile, grout, and any other hard surface not harmed by water. This biodegradable, powerful cleaning agent, formulated with the latest cutting-edge technology, will clean deep into your grout and any other treated surface effectively and easily.

MB-3 Soap & Mineral Deposit Remover is specifically designed to safely dissolve soap and mineral deposits from natural stone, tile, glass and fiberglass. MB-3 Soap & Mineral uses a unique combination of special non-acid chemicals that quickly and easily dissolve and remove dingy, unsanitary soap scum and hard water deposits from shower walls, floors, doors, wash basins, and bath tubs. It does effortlessly what can't be done even by hard scrubbing with ordinary cleaners and abrasives. MB-3 Soap & Mineral Deposit Remover is highly effective and safe on most natural marble glossy surfaces. Be certain to test product on a spare tile or inconspicuous area for extra caution before use.

GT-1 Green Thing is an EPA certified “Green” cleaner. It is pH neutral and ready to use. GT-1 Green Thing is formulated to safely and easily clean honed and polished marble, limestone, travertine, granite, slate, ceramic, porcelain tiles, corian, laminate as well as painted wall surfaces. It also works great on mirrors, windows, and high shine metal fixtures. It does it all! GT-1 Green Thing dries quickly leaving a streak free surface. It is created to be environmentally compatible and sustainable. This no rinse, fast evaporating, powerful, daily cleaner works effectively to cut through soils on all hard surfaces at home and work.

Pure Light Cleaning Carpet Spotter professional strength spot remover for carpet, upholstery, and tile & grout. Green & Environmentally safe ingredients.  

Microfiber Cloth offer superior all-around functionality and are especially well-suited for delicate, scratch-able surfaces.