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Granite Reconditioning Kit

Granite Reconditioning Kit

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Granite Reconditioning Kit includes:

(1) Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream Quart

(1) MB-5 Stone & More Spray Cleaner Quart

(1) MB-20 Granite Polish 8.5 oz

(1) Measuring Scoop

(1) MB-24 Barrier Quart

(1) Finito Ultimate Spray Polish Quart

(5) 5 Inch Hogs Hair Pads

(5) 5 Inch White Polishing Pads

(3) 8 Inch Microfiber Pads

An easy to use, step-by-step, system to recondition granite. The Granite Reconditioning Kit was specifically designed by stone care professionals to help you bring your granite back to life. Step-by-step instructions included with each kit.