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Disycott Concentrated Acid Detergent

Disycott Concentrated Acid Detergent

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Disycott - Concentrated acid cleaner at the end of the construction site for and the removal of cement residues and inorganic dirt.

Disycott is a highly concentrated acid detergent at the end of the construction site to be used for the removal of cement residues, cement grout and dirt and inorganic residues such as salts, limestone and efflorescence.

The Disycott formulation, based on inhibited acids and specific detergents, makes it possible to replace muriatic acid for cleaning at the end of the construction site, obtaining significantly better performance and drastically reducing the chemical risk associated with the use of particularly aggressive acids.

Disycott acts quickly without developing fumes, is applied quickly and does not damage the appearance of the materials and joints on which it is used.