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CristalFab White Pad

CristalFab White Pad

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CristalFab White Pad A next-generation crystallization cream to use for crystallizing marble, granite and polished lime-based surfaces. Different from other crystallization products, CristalFab has been developed for application with a polishing machine fitted with a white pad and therefore can also be applied to slightly damp surfaces. As a result, compared to traditional products, using CristalFab is without the risks of oxidation, or the appearance of rust that sometimes occurs with the use of steel wool. CristalFab White Pad represents a valid solution for polished surface maintenance as it can restore a gloss finish to a surface using an easy process, increasing resistance to scratches and therefore reducing the amount of routine maintenance operations required. Constant use of this product as part of a maintenance schedule prevents deep damage to the surface, significantly delaying the need to carry out costly, complex interventions of mechanical polishing and buffing to restore shine. Works best with white marble!!


Always use product undiluted and only with a white pad. Before use, shake well. Be sure to work in small areas at a time, not more than two square meters per portion of product. Start by applying one to two teaspoons of undiluted product to surface area. Using your white pad, begin concentric buffing movements. Continue buffing until the product has dried. This will be when there is no residue left. If a higher sheen is desired, then repeat the process. Once maximum brightness has been achieved, no difference can be distinguished between two polished areas separately. After the entire area has been polished, then dust surface with dry or slightly damp mop. There is no wait time for foot traffic when finished. Maintenance can be obtained through using a cleaner, beginning the following day. This product, as a whole, will cover between forty to fifty square meters per kilogram.