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Bonstone TravFill™

Bonstone TravFill™

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TravFill™ is a two-component, lime-based, latex modified filler material for travertine floors, fabrication of stone slabs and other porous stones.


  • Filling voids and pits in travertine floors
  • Skim coating vertical stone
  • Designed for durable aesthetic repairs
  • Create a honed travertine like finish
  • Easy to mix and apply to your surface
  • Designed as a slurry or knife grade application
  • Slight over fill technique for floor machining


  • Mix Ratio=add latex to form slurry to mortar consistency
  • Set Time=1-3 hrs @ 75°F
  • Easy to use
  • Fast Cure
  • Low Cost
  • Breathable-moisture vapor permeability
  • UV-stable
  • 7 lb Kit

Available in Neutral (Cream) or Travertine (Brown) colors.

***Note: This is a freezable product, and, during periods of cold weather, shipping may be delayed to ensure the highest quality.